TLC Members Recall Singer’s Death

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‘ Broke’Andre Rison Ex-NFL star reveals he wasted $1m on jewelry and bought three cars

Hollyweird , in collaboration with velvetcoke , takes stock of once-known but obscure or forgotten stories about popular celebrities and cult figures. It references a real-life incident that took place in June of , but was overshadowed by another seismic event that occurred that same month: the discovery of Nicole Brown Simpson’s body, which kicked off the endlessly televised O. Simpson trial and hoovered the nation’s attention.

Apr 12, – Lisa Lopes and boyfriend Andre Rison. He is the one who Was never a huge TLC fan but I LOOOOOOVED me some Left Eye! Kiss DisLisa “left.

Lisa Nicole Lopes May 27, — April 25, , better known by her stage name Left Eye , was an American rapper, singer, music producer, and dancer. Besides rapping and singing background vocals on TLC recordings, Lopes was one of the creative forces behind the group. She received more co-writing credits than the other members. She also designed the outfits and staging for the group and contributed to the group’s image, album titles, artworks, and music videos. She also produced another girl group, Blaque , who scored a platinum album and two US top 10 hits.

Lopes remains the only member of TLC to have released a solo album. On April 25, , Lopes was killed in a car crash while organizing charity work in Honduras. She swerved off the road to avoid hitting another vehicle, and was thrown from her car.

Great Moments in Sports Wife History: Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes burns down Andre Rison’s mansion

Andre Rison was as well-known for his exploits off the field as on it. One minute, he was the highest-paid receiver in the game. In another, he was being jailed for failing to make child-support payments.

Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes, feisty rapper and songwriter, dies in car accident in house belonging to her boyfriend, the football player Andre Rison.

So I threw the sneakers in the bathtub and set them on fire. It was the sneakers? Yeah, it was a couple of boxes of sneakers. I was tearing through the boxes like a mad woman. I was just throwing them everywhere. I threw a couple of them in the tub. A couple of them landed in the closet. And the ones that were in the bathtub, I burnt them up.

Of course I thought the bathtub would contain the fire.

Lisa Lopes, Rapper, Dies in Honduras Crash at 30

Lopes decorates both homes. Lopes cousin, Tangi Foreman, believes that if given the chance, Lopes would have wanted something more. Martha Stewart did some things wrong. Which lead to Left Eye putting a bunch of teddy bears and clothes in a bath tub and setting them on fire.

Ex-Michigan State University football star Andre Rison has endured for the Atlanta Falcons, his then celebrity-girlfriend Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes.

By Daily Mail Reporter. But the year-old’s recklessness came at a price – he was forced to declare bankruptcy due to overdue child support debts, barely escaped prison and now works as a student assistant coach at Michigan State. I should have saved a lot more money. But his sudden wealth and fame eventually took its toll. The competitive player admitted he had no idea about the tax system and felt pressure to ‘keep up with the Joneses’.

Excessive: Andre Rison has revealed how he bought multiple cars in one season. You can go to it, pull out anytime, put in any time, but at the time we were only pulling out,’ he said in the documentary. We were draped in jewelry. We were making it snow. Rison’s rise to fame in the s coincided with ‘the first intersection of hip-hop, profligacy, romantic obsession, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and comic books’, Grantland reported.

New Lifetime Series Looks At Relationships Of TLC’s Left-Eye And Andre Rison

Wide receiver Andre Rison played 12 NFL seasons with seven teams, but his five most productive years were with the Atlanta Falcons from He made catches and scored 56 touchdowns over 78 games in that stretch and averaged He was first-team All-Pro in his second season in the league and was selected to the Pro Bowl five times. Lopes was a star in the music world with the group TLC and also a talented dancer and music producer. She earned four Grammy Awards.

Lopes also embarked on a solo career and reached No.

Lisa Nicole Lopes (May 27, – April 25, ), better known by her stage name Left Eye, Partner(s), Andre Rison having heard of an open casting call for a new girl group through her then-boyfriend, Lopes moved to Atlanta to audition.

Lisa Left Eye Lopes, the feisty rapper and songwriter who was the ”L” in the multimillion-selling rhythm-and-blues group TLC, died on Thursday in an automobile accident in Honduras, her spokesman, Jay Marose, said. The accident occurred in Roma, a popular vacation spot on the Caribbean coast. Lopes, who was 30 and lived in Atlanta, had a condominium near a Honduran village where African healing was practiced, Mr. Marose said.

He said Ms. Lopes was at the wheel of a rented Mitsubishi sport utility vehicle and lost control. The police said it veered off the road and turned over several times. Lopes died at the scene. Marose said there were seven passengers, including Ms. Lopes’s sister, Raina, and brother, Ronald; three members of a rhythm-and-blues group, Egypt; and two video producers. The producers were working on a documentary about Ms. Lopes’s ”spiritual journey,” Mr.

The passengers were treated in a hospital in La Ceiba, about miles north of Tegucigalpa, the capital. In an interview yesterday with CNN, Ms.

CrazySexyCool: Final trailer for TLC’s bio-pic gives quick glimpse at Andre Rison fire

Something that started when the two of them were young teenagers in high school, back in Baltimore, and dreaming of lives on the big stage. They had a thing… a soul thing…. Indeed they were soul mates… but believe it or not… friends believe that there might have been another soul tie that Tupac. Another beautiful person that once we consider her character, should not be shocked. Rison, who had acquired a reputation as being super jealous, popped up places waiting to break things. And Tupac is my friend… I am just sitting there wondering if it were true.

An inside look at the intense and complex relationship between TLC pop star Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and NFL wide receiver Andre Rison.

Lisa Lopes died on April 25, , after suffering a fatal injury because of a car accident in La Ceiba, Honduras. The romance between the singer and the Atlanta Falcons wide receiver spanned between and , and was marred by accusations of domestic violence and alcoholism. Andre claims that before he was caught cheating, he saw Lopes in the back of a limo with Tupac Shakur. AndreRison tells a story about LeftEye telling him she had a car coming to pick her up from his house.

And seeing Tupac in the backseat of the car when it pulled up in his driveway. Andre Rison insinuates that after he seen Tupac in the backseat of the car that came and picked Left Eye up. That’s what fueled him to bring a female over the house while Left Eye was gone. Which lead to Left Eye putting a bunch of teddy bears and clothes in a bath tub and setting them on fire.

After she came home and seen Andre Rison with a female.

Andre Rison: I’m a good dad. I hurt daily. Marijuana candy helps.

They were there to pay a tearful tribute to their bandmate Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, who was killed in a car crash in Honduras in April , at the age of The three were teenagers when they formed TLC in Atlanta in Lopes came from an impoverished and troubled home in Philadelphia, with little more than a talent for dancing and rapping. In Atlanta, she met Watkins and Thomas, who were also poor, and fatherless.

One minute, he was about to marry TLC’s Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopes. In another, she was burning down his mansion and getting probation.

The infamous relationship of Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes and Andre Rison will get unraveled and explored in the new series set to air on Lifetime. For the first time, the love, passion, and craziness behind Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes and Andre Rison’s relationship will get unraveled in a new series on Lifetime. It is titled “Hopelessly in Love. The series will tell the untold stories of the couple’s relationship.

It will bring to light how unfiltered their time together in the ’90s was, and promises to be unforgettable. Photo: Getty Images. He added that he was deeply in love, although he was not a man used to dating one woman when they met. At the time, Rison was a quarterback in the NFL. Keep working! RisonUp KeepGrinding pic. The trailer also revealed that the former footballer was afraid that a relationship would ruin his career.

Things between the two didn’t go as smooth as they thought it would be. The love between them became the fuel that infused what became a toxic relationship.

TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes dies in wreck

Nowadays, any time a sports star boinks once of his Instagram DMs, or impregnates a road floosy, the sports wife immediately tweets the details with the aim of causing maximum embarrassment, in the hope the sports star will return home to his nine children from six women. But in the good old days, roughly about 0. Before that, the lunacy was rare, and usually well worth the hilarity that ensued.

The craziness started straight away. Six months later, Rison was arrested in a parking lot after he allegedly physically abused Lopes, shooting a handgun in the air in an attempt to shake off any pain in the ass innocent bystanders.

Left Eye had a rocky relationship with NFL player Andre Rison. The two started dating after meeting in a club in and continued an on and.

By the time the group went on a lengthy hiatus in after almost a decade of hits and volatility, the Philadelphia-born rapper was, by some way, the best-known member – though for reasons that had little to do with music. In , she received five years’ probation after pleading guilty to starting a fire that burned down the mansion of her boyfriend Andre Rison, an Atlanta Falcons football player; while drunk, she also crashed one of his cars. Once she completed probation, she entered an alcohol rehab clinic.

Later, she and Rison re-established their relationship, and then considered marriage. When she launched her solo career last year, Lopes pugnaciously challenged fellow TLC members Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chili” Thomas to make their own albums, and let the public decide whose it liked best. Her own nickname derived from her habit of emphasising her left eye with a thick black line of make-up. Despite, or possibly because of, the differences between the trio, who formed in Atlanta in the early s, they were an immediate success.

The format – Lopes rapped, squeakily; the other two sang – was a change from the girl-trio norm, as was their attitude. TLC’s matter-of-factness about sex and relationships they went so far as to attach condoms to their clothes signalled a sea-change in the genre. Despite their considerable success, however, they filed for bankruptcy in , due in part to an unpaid insurance claim on Rison’s house.


During the s, they were impossible to miss, racking up number one hits, promoting safe sex, defining popular culture, and revolutionizing the music industry. Sadly, in April of , they lost Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes to a tragic car accident, and the band has never been the same. Lopes made her mark on the world even though she died far too young. She lives on in her music and legacy, and continues to be remembered by her fans.

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC (Photo by Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Eye” Lopes and former NFL wide receiver Andre Rison, who began dating in.

In recent years, Chris Brown and Rihanna ‘s publicly troubled relationship created shocking headlines that repeatedly threatened to overload the Internet. On the TLC Tip. From the outset of their relationship, things were highly combustible between the pair. Charges against Rison were eventually dropped, but the incident did not signal the end of the turmoil between the two. On the night of June 8, , Rison was reportedly out clubbing with some of his friends.

Annoyed with Andre, Left Eye also went out with some friends but returned home before Rison. He returned home at approximately 5 AM on June 9 and was greeted by an agitated Lopes — reportedly angry because he bought himself lots of new sneakers, without getting her any — in the driveway of his million-dollar mansion. I started taking blows to the face.

Finally, I grabbed her and asked her what was wrong. But she kept coming at me. Claiming self-defense, Rison allegedly slapped Lopes to try to calm her down. When that didn’t work, the couple moved inside the house, where Rison reportedly picked up the TLC star, slammed her onto the bed and sat on her in a repeated effort to control her.

Left Eye Talks About Being Against “Creep” -CYBERTLC